ABS/ASA sheet

ASA / ABS plastic sheet is a multilayer sheet with guaranteed weather resistance for a period of more than 5 years. ASA / ABS plastic sheet combines a high impact resistance of ABS plastic, even at sub-zero temperatures, as well as excellent weathering and UV resistance of an ASA (acrylonitrile-styrene-acrylate copolymer) co-extrusion layer. ASA allows to operate products even in the Krasnodar Region with it`s high temperature without changing color and physical and mechanical characteristics for a long time.

ASA / ABS plastic sheets can have both a matte and glossy surface (like an ABS / PMMA sheet). But unlike ABS / PMMA sheet, ASA / ABS plastic sheet has higher durability and elasticity.

Application area

  • Construction (facades, roofs, etc.)
  • Automotive (manufacturing by thermoforming of exterior and interior parts of vehicles: panels, roofs, moldings, pillars, radiator grilles)
  • Housing manufacturing for lighting and household appliances
  • Lighting engineering (lamp shades)
  • Manufacturing of cases for suitcases, furniture
  • Interior decoration of premises
  • Production of outdoor advertising products

Processing methods

  • Pneumatic vacuum forming
  • Machining
  • Printing, varnish
  • Hot knurling
  • Thermo-, frictional, ultrasonic welding
  • Gluing with methyl ethyl ketone or two-component adhesives.
  • Laser cut
  • Milling

Delivery form

  • Thickness: 1-10mm
  • Width: up to 2150 mm
  • Smooth or embossed (“leather”, “sand”)
  • The surface is glossy, matt

Chemical properties


  • To water
  • To aqueous solutions of salts
  • To dilute acids and alkalis
  • To saturated hydrocarbons
  • To vegetable and animal oils and fats

Not resistant:

  • To aromatic hydrocarbons
  • To chlorinated hydrocarbons
  • To concentrated inorganic acids
  • To strong oxidants
  • To acetone

Operating temperature

Withstands short-term heating up to 85 °С

Long-term operation temperature: min -40 °С … max 75 °С

Flammability indicators

  • Burns up under the flame influence or
  • Burns brightly and unstably due to an appropriate amount of heat after being removed from the flame with a strong formation of soot
  • Spontaneous combustion at 350 °С
  • Ignition from an external source at 450 °С

Characteristics of ABS/ASA plastic sheet

UnitsTesting Method, ISOValue
Tensile yield strengthMPa527-2/1В/2033
Elongation at break%52715
Charpy impact strength on a sample without a notch23°СkJ/m2179/1еUн/р
Charpy impact strength on sample without notch (rib)-30°СkJ/m2179/1еU22
Charpy impact strength on notched specimen (rib)23°СkJ/m2179/1eA22
Charpy impact strength on notched specimen (rib)-30°СkJ/m2179/1eA11
Bending temperature under load, not less1,8 MPa°С75-2Ае87
Vicat softening point50Н/



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    Additional Information

    ASA / ABS sheet plastic can be used for the manufacture of thermoformed parts for both interior and exterior decoration of cars, buses, tractors, etc. (panels, roofs, moldings, radiator grilles, etc.), cases for suitcases, furniture, interior decoration, outdoor advertising products, lighting equipment, housings for household appliances, construction, etc

    ASA / ABS plastic sheet is a multilayer sheet. It combines a high mechanical strength of ABS plastic which is retained even at sub-zero temperatures and an excellent resistance to weathering and UV radiation provided by an ACA layer (copolymer of acrylonitrile-styrene-acrylate).

    The surface of the ASA / ABS plastic sheet can be matte or glossy (like ABS / PMMA). However, unlike the latter, ASA / ABS plastic sheet has a higher impact and bending resistance. ASA / ABS material is chemically inert towards oils, fats, solutions of salts, alkalis and dilute acids. Plastic sheets are not resistant to concentrated solutions and organic solvents.

    Methyl ethyl ketones or two-component adhesives can be used as bonding materials.

    ASA / ABS plastic sheets can be milled, glued, laser cut, die-cut, friction welded, thermal and ultrasonic welded.

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