Plastic constructors – no violations were found

1ANO “Russian Quality System” conducted an extensive research on toys – plastic construction sets for children, which are sold in shopping centers. The conclusion will delight the parents – no violations have been identified in either Russian or Chinese products.

The experts evaluated nine products from China. In terms of the content of mercury, lead and other hazardous impurities, they were found to be safe. All toxicity tested items were sourced from specialist stores that sell certified products. Violations concerned only the incorrect design of labels, some did not indicate the manufacturer.

Domestic designers also took part in the study. The products of seven factories were checked, and all of them were successfully tested. The highest quality products were recognized as Banbao and City of Craftsmen, which scored more than 4 points on a 5-point scale. Some manufacturers did not have assembly instructions attached to their products (“Plastmaster”, “Fixy”).

The conclusion of Roskachestvo confirms that rumors about the dangers and toxicity of children’s plastic toys, widely available for sale, are groundless. The researchers tested the products for 31 indicators: the composition of the material, the inclusion of lead, chromium, cadmium and other harmful substances.

An examination was carried out of sets made in Russia and China, costing from 200 to 5000 rubles. During the study, the level of toxicity, the presence of odor, defects, and the risk of injury were assessed. Experts assembled the designers according to the instructions, checked the compatibility of the parts.

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