Launch of a new OMIPA line

The LADA-LIST company has acquired an extrusion line for the production of ABS / PMMA sheets and plans to launch it in December 2020. The equipment is manufactured by the well-known Italian company “OMIPA”, the leader in the production of extrusion lines for sheet PMMA and PC. The line for sheets production with a thickness of 1.5 mm to 10 mm has a capacity of 1200 kg / h. Several extruders, included in the line, will make it possible to produce sheets with various properties that satisfy the most sophisticated requirements of our customers. The combination of two layers of PMMA, general purpose and impact resistant, will give the sheets a deep color, high chemical resistance, scratch resistance and no loss of impact resistance.
In the development of equipment, the most modern achievements of technology are involved, as well as twenty-five years of experience of our specialists.

The commissioning of this line will bring a new product to the market, which until now has not been produced by any company in Russia and the CIS countries.

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